International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration, Inc (IISAC) is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization registered in New Jersey, USA for promoting cultural understanding, international education, faculty-led programs, experiential learning, youth enrichment activities and international research for molding a generation of students who will be successful in today’s global society. (

IISAC developed the Semester in India Program, in 2000 with the prestigious central government institution, Pondicherry University, in South India and later expanded to Universities of Kerala and KIIT University in Odisha ( The Semester India program offers a rare opportunity to learn about India through classroom work, field trips, directed research and social interactions.

IISAC represents these universities in USA to provide Semester in India programs through partnership and independent arrangements with US universities. Semester in India Program (SIP) encourages US students to learn about different cultures, languages, places, people, food, arts, and environments which differ from their own through first-hand exposure. The students in turn develop cross-cultural skills, as they have opportunities to work collaboratively with people from various backgrounds.


A Fascinating Place to Study Abroad

The South Indian study abroad program with the University of Kerala is uniquely developed for maximizing US students’ academic and cultural experience in India. Kerala University is a highly regarded institution one in South India. The Fall semester starts in August and ends in December while the Spring semester starts in January and ends in May. Students are expected to enroll for 5 to 6 courses in their chosen subject area and the credits (15-18) they earn can be transferred to their home universities.

What can you study?

Area studies, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Social Work, Women Studies, Political Science, South Asian Studies, Economics, Accounting, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Management, English/Writing/Journalism, Literature, Languages, Performing arts, Communication, Physics, Maths, Statistics, Computer Science Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Aquatic Biology, Biotechnology, Computational Biology, Environmental Science/ Sustainability, Earth Science, Archaeology, Islamic Studies, Hindu Studies, Demography, Future Studies.

Is the program approved by the US government?

Being a non-profit organization registered in New Jersey with a 501 c status of the Internal revenue services of US, IISAC activities and programs are approved by the state and federal governments of USA. Students can receive financial aids, grants and scholarships.

When can you study?

What are the advantages of IISAC’s University of Kerala program?

Affordable Program Cost

We offer one of the most competitively priced study abroad programs in the US. Contact IISAC today for program details and fee

Personalized Orientation

Before leaving the U.S, IISAC provides important information regarding travel and health preparation, travel logistics and academic planning.

Upon arrival in India, IISAC officials greet SIP students at Thiruvananthapuram - Airport and help them to adjust to their new environment, covering issues such as cultural and academic adjustment, environment, health, safety, food etc.

Our Signature South India Tour

This 16 day tour of Kerala will orient each incoming student to the working culture of India through travel. This segment is provided just before the start of the semester. Students enrich their learning of India through travel with IISAC’s informative and helpful guides.

Cross-Country Travel

Subsidized cross country excursion to Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal) and Jaipur during the one week semester break.

Cultural Immersion

Various co-curricular and extracurricular cultural immersion programs to maximize your cultural experience in India. Included are yoga, meditation, classical dance, classical music, musical instruments, Indian cooking, martial arts, Indian games and sports.

Western-Standard Room and Board

Study abroad students stay at the nearby guest house in fully furnished air conditioned rooms (twin sharing) with private bathroom, television and refrigerator, WiFi connection, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor stadiums.

Three Indian meals are provided daily at the restaurant.

Flexible Curriculum

Select interdisciplinary courses, core courses and departmental courses from a list of 500 courses in each semester to create a self designed semester abroad curriculum.

Students will enroll for 5-6 courses for 15-18 transferable credits to their home universities.


Students are graded on a 4.0 GPA scale and given a corresponding letter- grade by their professors. Performance is based on written assignments, presentations, exams and quizzes.

Program Enquiry

Prof. Sunny Luke
International Programs,
IISAC, New Jersey, USA
011-91-94465 40922 (India)

Mr. Alex Koshy
Executive Director,
IISAC Office, New Jersey, USA
973-699-2550 (USA)


Impression from a past student on studying with IISAC

After returning to the states from having traveled abroad in India, I feel as if I have been transformed. My experiences with the IISAC program exceeded all of my expectations and provided me with life-changing opportunities. Not only have I gained skills studying and interacting with individuals internationally, but I have also made sincere friends that I have continued to share a deep friendship with even after a year has passed. The cultural experiences, and numerous conversations with you, helped to confirm my passion for international education. I consider you and your program to be the spark that ignited my future career choice, and for this I cannot thank you enough. I find myself yearning to venture back to Kerala, to relive all of those enriching experiences. From cultural performances to fruitful conversations in the classroom to traveling adventures, India truly changed me. This short thank you cannot possibly convey how thankful I am for having these experiences, but I hope you can get a bit of an idea how much I loved the program.

Lacey Cooper, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA

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