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Applying to the University of Kerala through IISAC is easy. Complete the print application or download online form from this web by clicking or email your request for a hardcopy of the application package to or calling him at 973-699-2550. The application package that will be dispatched from our office will contain (a) program guide (b) Course directory (c) application form and other information.

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Application Deadlines:

May 30th for Fall semester starting August 20th
Nov 15th for Spring semester starting January 15th

The completed application should be sent to our office in New Jersey with all supporting documents.

IISAC 15 Honiss Place
Suite # 1, Newark, New Jersey
07104, USA

Program fee

This is the least expensive study abroad program in USA. IISAC is committed to offering an academically challenging and high quality program at an affordable price. We believe that world class education should be attainable to all undergraduate students. Fee must be paid in full to IISAC prior to departure. Our program fee is the most affordable in America, perhaps one of the cheapest.

The exact program fee differs slightly from semester to semester, please contact or for the program fee for the semester that you wish to apply.


The fall semester of the University of Kerala begins in the 3rd week of August and ends in the 2nd week of December.

The spring semester begins in the 2nd week of January and ends in the 2nd week of May.

The exact date for the semester may differ from year to year, the correct arrival and departure dates will be provided to you during the admission process.

Admission eligibility

Students may apply if they are over the age of 18, have completed at least 30 undergraduate semester credits and are in good academic standing.

They need an open mind to appreciate a culture that is drastically different form America. This special mind set is essential for your success in India.

Program advantages through IISAC

The thoughtful creation of IISAC’s semester India program in alliance with the University of Kerala in south India will provide an academically and culturally challenging experience for each student enrolled.

It is carefully designed to maximize your study abroad experience with 16 days of orientation tour before the start of the semester, core courses related to Indian studies for meeting your general education requirements, more than 30 departmental courses at upper division level to meet your requirement for a major or minor. You can select 5courses for 15-18credits from a list of 500 courses provided for each semester.

The flexible semester India curriculum is also incorporated with several co-curricular and extracurricular cultural activities to provide excellent cultural experience of India.

IISAC will continue to support you prior to your departure and through out your semester at Kerala University.

The IISAC team is always a phone call away or email away no matter where you are, and an IISAC representative will be present with in Kerala University to assist you with any logical arrangements, concerns or emergencies.

At Kerala University you will also have the support of the Foreign Student Advisor, Program coordinator, and Peer Advisor who work together to ensure a safe, fun and educational experience for you.


Before leaving the U.S, IISAC provides important information regarding travel and health preparation, travel logistics and academic planning.

Upon arrival in India, IISAC officials greet SIP students at Thiruvananthapuram Airport and help them to adjust to their new environment, covering issues such as cultural and academic adjustment, environment, health, safety, food etc.

South India tour

This 16 day tour of Kerala will orient each incoming student to the working culture of India through travel. This segment is provided just before the start of the semester. Students enrich their learning of India through travel with IISAC’s informative and helpful guides.

Room and board

Students stay at the nearby guest house in fully furnished air conditioned rooms (twin sharing) with private bathroom, television and refrigerator, WiFi connection, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor stadiums.

Three Indian meals are provided daily at the restaurant.

Flexible curriculum

Select interdisciplinary courses, core courses and departmental courses from a list of 500 courses in each semester to create a self designed semester abroad curriculum. Students will enroll for 5-6 courses for 15-18 transferable credits to their home universities.

Cultural immersion

Various co-curricular and extracurricular cultural immersion programs to maximize your cultural experience in India. Included are yoga, meditation, classical dance, classical music, musical instruments, Indian cooking, Indian games and sports.

Program cost

Most competitive study abroad program in USA

Cross country travel

Subsidized cross country excursion of Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal) and Jaipur during the one week semester break. Optional North Indian tour at extra cost.


Students are graded on a 4.0 GPA scale and given a corresponding letter- grade by their professors. Performance is based on written assignments, presentations, exams and quizzes.